Our Psychotherapy Philosophy

Reasons People Choose Therapy

People come into therapy at Austin’s DeWeerd Psychotherapy for a variety of reasons.

  • Sometimes they know what they need to do to solve their problems but are stalled by inertia and fear.
  • Others are unhappy but don’t know why.
  • Many people have deeply ingrained positive and negative ways in which they cope with stress.
  • Some people are predisposed to alcohol dependence, depression, and anxiety due to their genetics.
  • People who have suffered trauma or abuse are more vulnerable to stress and find it more difficult to cope.
  • External stress from families, partners, work, or school can wreak havoc with one’s coping mechanisms.

How Therapy Can Help You

In therapy, I can help you to identify unhealthy patterns and learn how to change them. We will work towards attaining positive and healthy ways to resolve your problems and deal with stress.