Spring Break : Beach , Blanket , Binge !

Spring break is synonymous with massive consumption of alcohol by college students. It can also be used as a justification by old goats reliving their glory days. Those who abuse it rationalize drinking too much with a number of explanations : the need to relax , the unquenchable thirst after finishing yard work , ” French people drink every day ” , the job is stressful or that drinking green beer is on their ‘bucket list’ for St. Patrick’s Day.
Many minimize their alcohol intake by making it seem like a habit or a simple pastime and fail to recognize the damage that it can do. The diet industry is a billion dollar one but few worry about their liver getting fat.

  ”Can we forget about the things I said
   When I was drunk?
   I didn’t mean to call you that
   I can’t remember what was said
   Or what you threw at me” *

When people drink a lot, they put the part of their brain to sleep which is in charge of  thinking about consequences, behavioral inhibitions and their verbal filter . Small amounts of alcohol can have a stimulating effect making people more outgoing and friendly, however, large amounts metabolize in the body as a depressant. Inebriated frontal lobes and feelings of depression and/or anger are a destructive combination leading to words that can’t be taken back and actions that can cause harm to others and to ourselves. Sometimes people have black-outs in which they can’t remember blocks of time and may end up waking up to strangers faces in unknown places. It seems so funny when someone is slurring and stumbling around and insisting that they can drive, not so funny when their car is careening towards a family of four on the highway. 

Before you stop thinking, stop drinking.

If you have a problem with alcohol, it shows strength to recognize it and start dealing with it. If you need help, ask for it, there is no shame in it.


* “My Own Worst Enemy” – Lit

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